24-Hour Home Care in St. Louis, MO

We provide in-home care services in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County & Jefferson County.

All Family Care can improve a senior’s quality of life by providing compassionate, one-on-one home care and companionship in the comfort of their home. Our personalized services are available 7 days a week and we offer early-onset dementia or Alzheimer’s disease care depending on what is needed to make you feel at ease!

We provide our services in private homes as well as assisted living communities, hospitals, nursing facilities, or rehabilitation centers – so no matter where you need assistance with day-to-day activities (dressing/bathing) All Family Care has got it covered! Requesting an assessment from us will be like getting handed keys to new future that’s all yours.

24-Hour Home Care in St. Louis

If your elderly loved one cannot live by themselves anymore without encountering numerous obstacles along the way, then it may be time to hire 24-hour home care.

With a caregiver to help your loved ones with Personal Care, you can also rest assured that while your senior parents will be supervised, they will maintain as much independence as possible. Their dignity and pride will be kept intact.

If you believe your loved one needs our 24-hour home care service, you may schedule a free in-home assessment with one of our friendly home care staff.

Overnight Care in St. Louis, MO

The stress of having to leave your loved ones for an overnight emergency can be tough. You need someone trustworthy and reliable who will take care of them just like you would, especially if they’re living on their own in the house. All Family Care is there for families when they need overnight care.

Helping your aging loved-one maintain a sense of independence and dignity is important, but it can be tough to provide that full-time care on your own.

When we’re talking about providing 24/7 support for our elderly parents or grandparents, the first thing people think of is an “assisted living facility” or possibly a nursing home. But what if they never need those facilities?

What if you could work with them so that their needs are met in the comfort of their own homes? You might just have found an answer by working with All Family Care in St. Louis. We offer 24-hour home care assistance services as well as hourly visits from experienced caregivers who know how to help seniors stay independent while still maintaining some level of safety and security

All Family Care offers 24-hour home care services in St. Louis, Missouri, whether your senior needs ongoing help with daily tasks or short-term help while recuperating from surgery.

Is 24-Hour Home Care Right for My Aging Family Member?

If your aging loved-one lives alone and you are finding it challenging to keep up with their care… and feeling stressed, 24-hour home care can be a solution.

We can set up home care services in the St. Louis area quickly and provide comfort and safety for seniors who are recovering from an illness or surgery or who are experiencing a change in cognition or mobility.

Not all 24-hour care situations are a permanent setup.

For example, if you are caring for a senior but don’t want to leave them alone while you go on a brief trip, All Family Care will be available for 24-hour home care services.

There are benefits for aging adults who have 24-hour home care, including:

  • When a loved one wants to age in place, this is the ideal solution. It helps them stay at home and have peace of mind while getting care from someone who will be there with them for their safety and security purposes.
  • Security– From long-term health problems to dementia, some aging adults have illnesses that put them at risk for falls, wandering or forgetfulness. Having a 24/7 plan of care can give you the peace of mind to know that your senior is safe at all times.
  • Socialization /Activities – Some aging adults have a hard time doing the things they love without assistance. An in-home caregiver can assist your senior to live a life they love by helping with activities and socialization.
  • Giving the Family Caregiver a Break– We know you love your senior family member, but you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Let our in-home caregivers be your 24/7 eyes and ears to alleviate family caregiver stress.
24-Hour Home Care in St Louis MO by All Family Care

24-Hour Home Care includes:

  • Companionship

  • Standby assistance

  • Supervision and assistance with personal care needs such as bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting

  • Medication, treatment and exercise reminders

  • Meal preparation

  • Light housekeeping and laundry, including regularly changing bed linens

  • Transportation to medical appointments

  • Running errands

  • Pet Care

What Do Overnight Caregivers Do?

When you need an in-home caregiver for overnight care, the most important thing is that they’re qualified. Our trained caregivers can provide a safe and comfortable environment so your elderly loved one gets the rest they deserve while other family members get some much-needed sleep.

Get started with us today, so we can make a difference in your life now.

Don't just take our word for it. Read our testimonials to find out how All Family Care will support your family.

24-Hour Home Care in St. Louis MO by All Family Care

What is a Live-In Caregiver?

A live-in caregiver lives in the senior’s home and is there to give 1-on-1 help every day. Our in-home caregivers are trained in live-in home care and are able to help if your aging adult has challenges with regular activities like sleeping, bathing, eating, and bathroom (toileting) assistance. Also, they can provide personal care, complete household tasks, and help with other activities. Depending on your loved-one’s care requirements, All Family Care can set up live-in home care.

Our 24-Hour Home Care services help with everyday tasks and personal care needs.

Personal Care – Our caregivers assist with all kinds of personal care including bathing, eating, dressing, and toileting.

Emotional Care – Our compassionate, trained caregivers develop trust with seniors through heart-felt activities,  conversation, and companionship.

Homemaker Services– As common chores become more challenging for your senior, we can help with cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, and more.

How to Get 24-Hour In-Home Care Services

Call our office to speak with one of our friendly, professional home care staff. We will answer your questions about 24-hour home care and give you expert advice. If you would like to schedule an in-home consultation, we will set up an appointment to meet with you and assess your needs.

Get started with us today, so we can make a difference in your life now.

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