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In-home Care Service Packages in St. Louis, MO

When you need care for yourself or a Loved one, we will develop a plan of care with you and your family. Every new case is started with a free assessment of the family’s home care needs. Your funding options are private pay, long term care insurance, VA Benefits, Medicaid, Life Care Funding.

Payment Options

  • Private Pay (check or debit/credit card)
  • Long–term Care Insurance
  • Life Care Funding
  • Medicaid
  • Veterans Direct In-home Services
  • Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit

Hourly Care

Hourly care is the most common type of service needed by our clients. Hourly care ranges from 4 hours once a week up to 24 hour continued care. Pricing may vary based on level of care and number of persons in the household receiving care.

  • Clients set their own schedules for service that best suits their needs.
  • 4 hour minimum of continued care
  • Split shifts of 4 hours each available
  • 24 hour continued care
  • 1 – 7 days a week services available

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Senior Home Care in St. Louis MO by All Family Care
Home Care in St Louis MO by All Family Care

Live-In Care

Live-in Care is a more cost efficient alternative to 24 hour continued care. It is not always available and simply depends on the amount of live-in caregivers that are available. Live-in care requires a minimum of 2 caregivers who will relieve each other weekly. Live-in care is only an option when night time care for the client is not needed. Pricing will vary based on number of people in the home and level of care. Please call 314-544-1515 to inquire.

Requirements to qualify for Live-in Care:

  • A spare bedroom in the home for the caregiver to use and sleep in during night hours and/or down time
  • Space for caregiver’s personal belongings during the stay
  • Access to facilities
  • 8 hours of night time rest for the caregiver
  • Meals for caregiver are provided by the client
  • If care for client increases especially during resting hours, Live-in must be converted to 24 hour continued care

Medicaid services

Medicaid services (HCBS) are funded through MOHealthnet and will be billed directly to the State. Clients with a monthly spend down have to meet the spend down amount before services are authorized to be provided. Spend down cost can be paid directly to the State. Medical out-of-pocket costs are also accepted by the State to be applied to the spend down. For more information please visit

Services can only be provided if an authorization for services has been issued to All Family Care

VA Medical services

Helping our Veterans is an honor and a privilege. As an approved provider for the VA any authorized service will be billed to the VA directly. The VA offers home health aide and respite service to Veterans in need. For eligibility and benefits or how to apply for services please visit the Veterans Affairs website at

Home Care in St. Louis MO by All Family Care
Hospital to Home Care in St. Louis MO

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Hospital to Home

When the situation arises that you or your loved one is being discharged after a hospital stay but there is no one to help! Hospital readmissions are a big problem these days and with a little help from us this could be eliminated with the right start to returning home. We offer to pick up your loved one from the hospital and get them settled at home with temporary home care after if needed.

This service includes

  • Pick up from hospital or rehab
  • Transportation to client’s residence
  • Pick up of prescriptions from pharmacy
  • Ensuring that the fridge has fresh food (grocery run)
  • Help unpacking
  • Settle client and make sure they are safe and comfortable
  • Provide post acute in-home care if needed until back to being independent.

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